Ceramic Xmas Tree Small

$ 30.00


Add some sparkle in your life!

I am so happy and delighted to share these delightful and cute chunky china Festive Xmas Trees with you!

You can purchase singly or in a bundle.

This cute tree includes an LED Tea Light to create that special Xmas sparkle ambience.  Perfect for your table, sideboard, mantel piece amongst candles, fairy lights and flowers to celebrate your Xmas this year with family and friends. 

Each piece is handmade and so with that comes character.  No two trees are the same, so if you see a star a little wonky or the tree looks slightly tipsy, it’s because they are all a little unique and different in their own right and not a mass produced pottery. 

Small Approx. 17cm

I hope you get to enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed making them!

Free shipping included for New Zealand!

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